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imageFORMULA DR-6030C

Unlock Efficiency and Productivity with the Canon imageFORMULA DR-6030C

The Canon imageFORMULA DR-6030C scanner is a game-changer in administrative processes, saving time and boosting productivity through its seamless and cost-effective digitisation of A3 documents. Utilising advanced technology, this scanner delivers impressive scan speeds of 60 pages per minute (ppm) for portrait scans and 80 ppm for landscape scans, ensuring efficient document capture. Enjoy true colour reproduction, enabling you to share and store your documents with exceptional clarity. Streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity with the Canon imageFORMULA DR-6030C scanner.

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A High-Speed Color Scanner for High-Volume Document Digitisation

Canon’s imageFORMULA DR-6030C is engineered for businesses seeking the advantages of digital transformation without the burden of high costs. This compact and rapid color scanner, fully supported by Canon, ensures your workplace achieves top-quality scans ready for seamless integration into your existing workflow. Liberate your staff for more engaging tasks and save numerous hours on administrative work with the ability to scan a wide range of media. Benefit from digitized scans that are sharp, clear, and efficiently produced in true color, thanks to advanced image processing features like Auto Size and Deskew Correction, Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection, and the unique 3-Dimensional Color Correction, which precisely identifies RGB coordinates.


Unlock Business Transformation with the Affordable and Versatile Color Scanner

Elevate your efficiency and productivity to new heights with the imageFORMULA DR-6030C color scanner. This cost-effective scanner, equipped with automated features, guarantees top-tier image capture and exceptional detail in every scan, regardless of document type, weight, or size. From plastic cards to A3 documents and even 3-meter long files, this scanner effortlessly handles it all.


Accuracy in colour

The 3 Dimensional Colour Correction feature is able to pinpoint the exact RGB coordinates to achieve colour accuracy that’s true to the original document.

Advanced image processing

Achieve a high quality reproduction every time with R/G/B/Custom colour Dropout, Border Removal, Adjustable Gamma Setting, Remove Background and more.

Avoid double ups

Thanks to the Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection feature, ultrasonic sensors to identify overlapping pages going through the scanner – giving you a snag free experience.

Consistent image quality

To ensure image quality remains consistent, the DR-6030C performs an automatic calibration process called “shading” before each scan.

Images remain straight

Skewed images are automatically straightened, while a wide image sensor ensures that the entire width of a document gets captured – even if it’s fed through at an angle.

Superior image quality

A 3-Line CMOS CIS sensor is responsible for ensuring images are free of blemishes. 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution further enhances image clarity with fine print.

Printer Details

Feed Capacity
100 Sheets
Image Speed
160ipm (A4 duplex/colour/portrait)
Max Paper Size
Scan Speed
80ppm (A4 Colour)
Scanning Resolution