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Canon’s DR-C225ii simplifies high-quality data digitisation directly from your desktop.

Featuring user-friendly touch screen controls, a space-saving design, and intelligent document adjustment capabilities, this cost-effective scanner alleviates administrative challenges. Bid farewell to burdensome administrative tasks as this scanner optimises your workflow. With the Canon DR-C225ii, you'll enjoy the perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and exceptional quality.

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Your Affordable Document Digitization Solution for Streamlined Administration

Canon’s DR-C225ii offers an unexpectedly budget-friendly answer to your document digitisation needs, reducing administrative workload. User-friendly and equipped with automation features, this desktop scanner produces sharp, clear files ready for storage or sharing. The DR-C225ii seamlessly integrates into any office setting with drivers compatible for both Windows and Mac. Intuitive icons and the option to pre-set favorite scanning configurations for one-touch activation make this cost-effective scanner a breeze to operate. Automated adjustments, such as a smart de-skew function and ultrasonic sensors to detect overlapping pages, enhance results. Supported by Canon, it’s the intelligent choice for reducing data processing hours.

Compatible for Windows & Mac Users

A versatile choice accommodating both Windows and Mac users, the DR-C225 features drivers for seamless use in various environments.

Logical, Swift, and Efficient

Streamlined functionality simplifies document positioning with the printed side facing you, displaying a clear order for multiple sheets, and a quick start.

Precise Alignment Every Time

A smart de-skew function detects skewed angles within your documents and automatically straightens them for impeccable results.

Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

Ultrasonic sensors identify gaps between overlapping pages, preventing simultaneous scanning and ensuring double-ups are avoided without manual verification.


Transforming Business Processes: The Highly Flexible Desktop Scanner

Unlock the power of efficient business processes with the highly flexible desktop scanner. Designed to enhance productivity, this scanner offers high compatibility, featuring drivers for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Experience unparalleled convenience as you position documents with the printed side facing you, check the display screen for real-time information, confirm the order of multiple sheets, and seamlessly scan them. Streamline your workflow and optimize your document management with this versatile and user-friendly desktop scanner.

Exceptional Colour Accuracy: The Sophisticated Scanner with 3-Dimensional Colour Correction

Experience unrivaled colour accuracy with the sophisticated scanner equipped with 3-Dimensional Colour Correction technology. This advanced feature precisely pinpoints the RGB coordinates, ensuring scans maintain exceptional colour fidelity true to the original document. With automated document adjustments, every scan captures the essence and details of the source material. Say goodbye to inaccurate reproductions and embrace the true-to-life scanning capabilities of this sophisticated scanner.

Seamless Scanning Made Easy: Intuitive Icons and Smart Functions for Crisp and Clear Files

Simplify your scanning experience with the intuitive icons and smart functions of this remarkable scanner. With pre-sets for your favorite scan settings, achieving consistent results has never been easier. Ultrasonic sensors detect gaps between overlapping pages, ensuring accurate scanning without missing any information. The background smoothing feature further enhances the quality of your scanned files, delivering crisp, clear documents that are ready to be stored or shared. Streamline your scanning workflow and enjoy hassle-free document management with this exceptional scanner.

Printer Details

Feed Capacity
30 Sheets
Image Speed
50ipm (A4 duplex/colour/portrait)
Max Paper Size
Scan Speed
25ppm (A4 Colour)
Scanning Resolution