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Canon imagePROGRAF TM-300 MFP L36ei: A Versatile Large Format Printer with Advanced Scanning Capabilities.

Discover outstanding print quality through the imagePROGRAF TM-300 MFP L36ei. This printer combines Canon's cutting-edge printing technologies, ensuring your designs are reproduced with precision and vividness, even capturing the minutest of details. With its exact color replication and extensive color spectrum, your prints will faithfully mirror your creative vision.

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Elevate Efficiency and Quality with Your User-Friendly Printer

The Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-300 MFP L36ei is tailor-made for thriving ACE environments. Its compact design and remarkably low noise levels allow it to seamlessly integrate into even the most space-constrained offices, delivering vibrant and sharp large-format prints quickly, quietly, and cost-effectively. This multifunctional device, which includes a scanner, copier, and printer, is not only affordable but also incredibly user-friendly.

Experience 60% Less Distraction While You Work

Thanks to its intelligent noise-dampening technology, your Canon printer stands out for its remarkable output and high-quality prints, making it the perfect companion for focused work.

Your Reliable and High-Quality Inkjet Printer

With its pigment-based LUCIA TD ink in five colors, the imagePROGRAF offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce professional large-format prints.


Enhance Workflows and Productivity with the imagePROGRAF TM Range

The imagePROGRAF TM Range of printers and scanners are designed to give your small firm a competitive advantage by enhancing workflows and productivity. With clever cost-saving features and advanced controls to make your own adjustments, this printer generates posters, GIS files and CAD drawings in true colour and sharp detail, quickly and affordably.

Bring Large Format Printing In-House with Cost-Effective Multifunction Printer

Don’t let the cost and time constraints of outsourcing large format scans, copies, and prints hinder your workflow when you’re on a tight deadline. With our low-cost wide-format multifunction printer, you have the perfect opportunity to bring this work in-house. Experience the convenience of having complete control over your large format printing tasks, saving money and time while meeting your deadlines. Unlock the potential of in-house large format printing with our affordable and efficient multifunction printer solution.

Your whisper quiet, compact and affordable printer

Professionals working in architecture, engineering and construction, are set to be impressed by Canon’s expansive family of imagePROGRAF printers. These wide format printers are affordable, yet they generate the most professional results when it comes to printing in vibrant colour and sharp detail. Choose from single function printers for photography, CAD and GIS files and posters, through to multifunction wide format printers that will also scan, copy and store on massive inbuilt disk space. The imagePROGRAF TM-300 MFP L36ei is a printer and scanner that’s designed to give your small firm a competitive advantage by enhancing workflows, productivity and professionalism.

Printer Details

Printer type
Printing Application
Support Paper Size
Up to 36inch
Print Colour
5 Colour
Ink Type
Pigment Ink
Network Compatibility
Mobile Print